WOW, big blank page for me to tell y’all about me? Awesome!!

Let’s see where to start? Well, as you can see from the page title, my name is Beckie. I am mommy to three kiddos..


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Michael, who is 25, and now an official resident of Portland, OR.

Jack-Jack, age 11 and in 5rd grade, and Dani, age 14 and in 9th grade

All three together on a trip to the Chaffee Zoo 🙂

And this is Dean, my husband and co-pilot  🙂

I am not as loquacious in my writing as my co-host Tina is, I am more of a talker than a writer. I am passionate about homeschooling, and love to have this opportunity to help others along their homeschooling journey. I am also a complete geek mom, obsessed with SuperWhoLock, a voracious reader, and a pretty decent cook. I find I am much more productive if I am busy, because boredom breeds chaos. I giggle to myself when people tell me I am so organized, so patient or whatever the compliment du jour is. I am the most disorganized, impatient, insane person I know..

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