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Tina, one half of the Savvy Homeschool Moms

Hi! My name is Tina, and I am one-half of the Savvy Homeschool Moms. I was born in 1970 (so you do the math and figure out how old I am now!) and live in the Central Valley, California with my husband, Adam, and my kids, Maeven (born 2000) and Tyren (TEERen, born 2005).

I am a very PASSIONATE person. I just don’t do things small.

I’m a talker. BIG TIME.

I tend to be an idea person…regularly coming up with new ideas for cool new things to do, then running with them until I lose interest and come up with new ideas!

I was FINALLY officially diagnosed with ADHD in 2020. My list of qualifying symptoms is long, but the most obvious is that I am excruciatingly distractable…squirrels are EVERYWHERE in my life! Also, schedules and routines just have never worked well for me…and this is a major hurdle to my homeschooling my children that I am constantly wrestling with.

I have been homeschooling my children since the beginning. My oldest graduated in 2019. I talk about the specifics on why I decided to homeschool in our first podcast episode.

We have homeschooled using both the private affidavit and the homeschool charter options in California.

I would consider myself an eclectic homeschooler…I don’t really fit any particular label. We sort of lean in the unschool direction, in that I do like to follow my kids’ interests…but I don’t feel that I could really use that label because I do still have an idea in my head of things I do want them to learn (my idea is VERY different from the public school standards though!). We just tend to get there in a pretty roundabout way, most of the time. Sometimes we don’t get there at all, LOL!

Tina’s links:
Homeschool Realm (My site about all things homeschooling. Also on Facebook & Twitter.)
Fresno Family (My local family resource site. Also on Facebook & Twitter.)
LinkedIn profile (To learn more about my background and experience)
Goodreads.com Page (To learn about what we’re reading.)
YouTube Channel (To see my favorite videos, and things I occasionally upload.)
Pinterest (To see projects I’m working on…I create boards to track them.)