Technical difficulties

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Beckie’s computer gave her the blue screen of death twice tonight while recording episode 8, so we’ll be finishing up the episode tomorrow. Such is the drama of recording via Skype on a cranky old desktop. 🙂 shouldn’t affect things … Continued

Recording on Monday this week

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  Normally we record on Sunday and if I have my act together, I get it edited and up sometime Monday. But I just talked to Beckie about today being my son’s birthday, and learned that Beckie is in the … Continued

Oh joy

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You hear us talk about the heat here in Fresno a lot…thought you’d like to see the extremes here and if you’re in a milder climate you can be thankful. 🙂

I apologize

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I fully intended to have the podcast out today…but I got hit by 2 more migraines. *sigh*  Yes, as you’ll hear in the podcast we recorded on Sunday…its been a rough last 7 days or so. But I’m on it! … Continued

Technical issues

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We usually record our podcast over the weekend and publish as soon as I have things edited…but unfortunately we’re unable to record today as planned because we use Skype and Beckie has no Internet!! We could use Skype on her … Continued

Am I Capable of Homeschooling? (Ep 3, 5/27/12)

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      This week, the moms discuss:  Life in their homeschooling households the past week, activities during the recent solar eclipse, finding unexpected learning opportunities, exploring Charlotte Mason education, answer the question “Am I capable of homeschooling?”, and Beckie … Continued

Almost ready to upload episode 3

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Sorry for the delay…It took far longer to write the show notes than it probably should have (because I did them this time instead of Beckie…she probably would have been MUCH more efficient with her time, LOL!) So I only … Continued

2nd episode recorded!

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Well, mostly. Beckie’s computer crashed as we were just getting ready to wrap it up so we will record the closing tomorrow (hopefully), and get to work on the intro and I’ll edit it all together and VOILA! Second episode … Continued

First Episode is Edited!

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I had so much fun editing our podcast! I had no idea what I was doing, but being that I’m always up for a challenge, I Googled and found the info I needed and had a blast putting it all … Continued

We recorded our first episode!

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OK, its a bit rough…but would you expect anything less from our first shot at this? Considering its our first…I do think we did pretty good! Not uploading it yet though. I heard on a podcast about podcasting that they … Continued