Catching y’all up on the craziness

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I’m so sorry, y’all! We’ve completely disappeared recently and I am finally finding time to tell you what’s been going on.

It’s been all about this huge event that Beckie and I have been organizing. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned on the show yet, but I am the new Events Committee Chairperson (a volunteer job) for our local kids science center. So this past Saturday was our Annual Spring EggFest, and we were jam-slammed BUSY last week with all the last minute details. And since last week and the Sunday before, should have been our time to record and get the next episode completed…it didn’t happen since we were in the middle of hell week for EggFest.

I’m happy to say that the event was a huge success! And we had a blast! Still recouping physically…my body tends to hang in there for the event then crash hard once all the adrenaline is gone.

But Beckie and I will start working on the next episode this week…actually we have already started planning it. So stay tuned! We’ll be back on our new biweekly schedule soon!

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