Tidal Homeschooling (Ep 16, 9/4/12)

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After a shaky start to the week, the moms finally get together and chat about how their first week of schooling went, finding balance between being out exploring and being home, and all about Tidal Homeschooling. Links in this episode: … Continued

Making Books (Ep 9, 7/15/12)

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In this episode the moms chat about their new partnership with Mothering Magazine, answers listener questions about SpiralScouts and podcasting, Tina talks more about Math Mammoth, and making homeschooling fun with zines, lapbooks and bookmaking. Links in this episode: Savvy … Continued

Making Homeschooling Fun (Ep 8 , 7/9/12)

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In this episode, the moms talk about ways to make homeschooling fun, bliss-led learning, and using games in your curriculum. Links in this episode: Article: How Emotions Affect Learning Delight Driven Learning Excellence in Education ~ Game Curriculum Games For … Continued