Years ago, we thought of this idea of taking a peek into the daily lives of ordinary, everyday homeschoolers. These episodes quickly became our most popular episodes! We discovered that they not only allow the potential and newbie homeschoolers in our audience to get a taste for what homeschooling life might look like for them…but it also allowed more experienced homeschoolers to glean ideas in hearing how others have their days laid out. (And to commiserate in how others struggle to maintain their daily plans as well!)

We also found out that it became an awesome way to share how particular homeschoolers make it work for their families, such as single parents, stay-at-home dads, working parents, special needs parents, etc. We even have some interviewees from countries outside the US, so we get a glimpse into some international homeschooling as well!

Because of the popularity of these episodes, and because there are always going to be more great stories to tell…we have decided to make this a regularly revisited theme for our show! We just need YOUR HELP!

We need YOU to volunteer to be interviewed!

It’s quite painless…just like chatting with a friend!
If you’d like to hear how past episodes have gone, check out the below list:

Nowadays, we are using Zoom to record our interviews (previously we recording using Skype, which you may hear mentioned in past episodes.) So all you need is a computer or smart phone with Zoom on it (I mean, since the pandemic…who doesn’t, right?) And headphones with a mic. Earbuds should work fine…or if you have a gamer in the house, you could borrow their gaming headset!

NOTE: This isn’t necessary for the interview…BUT…it does make it easier to use a tripod if you are using a smartphone. Here’s the one I have. Super cheap, but does the job great! I don’t need anything fancy. (And FYI, that is an affiliate link, so I do get a tiny commission on any purchases made via that link. THANKS!) There are tons of other smartphone tripods available as well and most are very affordable and they really are handy to have! Not just Zoom calls but watching videos at eye level while multitasking, taking photos, and doing stop-motion animation…there are lots of uses for them!

If you are interested in being interviewed, please fill out the form below: