Day in the Life of a Homeschooler, Part 3 (Ep 38, 12/29/13)

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Savvy Homeschool Moms Podcast, episode 38, Day in the Life of a Homeschooler Part 3

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In this episode, the moms chat about what they’ve been doing for the past two months, read some listener comments, and share two more Day in the Life of a Homeschooler interviews!

Review and pictures of the History Odyssey Timelines that we are giving away in this episode!

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Books in this Episode:

Hunger Games

Catching Fire

The Four Hour Work Week

Dragons of Ordinary Farm

Adventures of Old Mr Toad

Adventures of Reddy Fox


Ivy’s Ever After

Odd Boy Out: Young Albert Einstein

Dawn by Erin Hunter

This Book is Full of Spiders by David Wong

Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare

Ukulele For Dummies

The Mighty Mars Rovers

Links of the Week:

Using Lego to Build Math Concepts

Mars Rovers

P.S. From Tina: For those interested…we didn’t do a holiday episode because we didn’t receive any response for our question of how you cope with the holidays. That’s ok, I did post it pretty late in the season to expect anyone to have time to think about it. We’ll try earlier next year!

41 Responses

  1. Misa Knight

    I’m so glad to hear a new episode! I understand life happens and I’m not complaining, but you guys are my favorite podcast, the one I look forward to. And so I’m ALWAYS glad to hear a new podcast.

    Those timelines look really nice – I like that they have pictures! My son is SO visual. I think something like that would him be able to place where events/times in history would relate to each other.

  2. Elly

    I’m looking forward to listening! I’d be really excited to win a timeline. We are ‘only’ on Level 1, but I think that a visual representation of the relationship of different events is so helpful. My plan would be to put it up in our hallway so we can refer to it during lessons and at other times (nothing like a bit of reinforcement and repetition).

  3. Heather S.

    We’ve listened to all four Story of The World CDs, but could really use more depth in our history studies. Posting the timeline would help us to see times easily and pick topics to learn more fully.

  4. God'slittleflybaby LivingforHim

    Hah! Thanks ladies, my kids heard you read my fb comment on your show and now they think I’m “famous”! 🙂 U guys rock! -claudia

  5. Claudia (God'sLittleFlybaby LivingforHim on FB)

    If I won this timeline I’d put it up in our dining room so the kids could add to their history discussions with dad at dinner time 🙂

  6. Mary Bright

    I haven’t listened to this episode yet but I’m looking forward to it. I not sure how I’d use the history timelines but I plan to use Story of the World next year it will be useful.

  7. Mama min

    This timeline is so much nicer than my black and white one. I would love to win one!

  8. Kelly Pederson

    I would use it to reinforce our history studies, the colors would be so helpful to see time periods at a glance.

  9. Kristin Jenkins

    My Kinder and 2nd Grader literally beg me to have a History Lesson ever single day. We just finished Ancients and we’re heading into Medieval … the the timeline is just an added tool my kids will enjoy using as we continue our journey through History Odyssey.

  10. Kristy W

    We love the timelines that we currently have and use during the time periods we are learning about. It is such a great way for the kids to retain the significant dates/events that happened in history.

  11. January Wilson

    Pandia Press has been on my research list for history curriculum for a while now. My little guy would love it.

  12. Kelly Schmidt

    The timeline would really help as my kids and I go through The Mystery of History! 🙂

  13. Kari

    I’m so happy you have the podcast successfully posted! Missed you girls!
    I have the Timeline from Moving beyond the Page, but it’s vertical and not very easy to write on because it’s not large enough. These are gorgeous!
    It would be so nice to have new dining room, oops, I mean schoolroom, artwork!

  14. Carol

    I would be SO excited to win this! We are currently studying ancient times with Pandia Press & I believe my son (and eventually daughter) would love to how we are tracking through time. Good luck everyone!!

  15. Carol

    I’m not sure we have enough wall space for these timelines, but I like the idea of showing the passage of time & how so many things are interconnected. Plus you guys rave about these timelines & I’ve found that when you rave about something, it’s usually worth a try! 🙂

  16. Jennie Smith-Pariol

    My 9-year-old daughter LOVES history! I have tried to encourage this love by finding for her enticing, quirky progressive history books for young people. Having the History Timeline posted in our “Discovery Room” would give us so many opportunities to talk about history find new topics to research, and develop a coherent understanding of different historical eras.

  17. Alexandra

    I’mlooking forward to listening to this podcast!
    And we would love the giveway. We have used History Odyssey from Pandia Press for years now and a timeline would be a great tool for my youngest to visualize history even better!

  18. Char

    I’ve adored this timeline but haven’t took the plunge yet. Interaction with the timeline would serve to reinforce whatever topic we’ve just covered and we could surely use a little reinforcement. THanks for the opportunity!

  19. Colleen

    We need this! I did a lot of searching for a nice timeline and this was the one I liked the most. We would use it all the time with our history work! What a great way to reinforce the order of major events and civilizations! Please choose us 🙂

  20. Desiree

    I’ve been wanting to try this timeline for ages! I’m rather tired of our printed copies that fall out of our binders. The Pandia Press one is so pretty!

  21. Mahalia Jackson

    The Pandia timeline is so darn pretty. It looks so much better than my timeline I made for my son’s history curriculum. He does the best he can with it, but every time he pulls it out to add, he looks at me with the “bless her heart….she tried” look. He would be happy to put mom out of her shame over her pitiful homemade timeline if he had the MUCH better Pandia Press one!

  22. antonette

    Glad to hear another podcast! I’ve only been listening for a few months, but have found really useful resources. Thanks!

  23. Bobbi

    Not to be repetitive, but I’m so happy to listen to a new episode! 😀 I love you guys 🙂

    My son is very visual and I know that the exposure he’s had to timelines has been positive, so I bet having a comprehensive timeline would be hugely helpful. He loves history and has Autism Spectrum Disorder, so visual learning is his strong point.

    Thank you for all that you do 🙂

  24. Kari

    Hello, we are using a homeschool style that is based in History, so we learn about the times and what they did then in Art, Music, Science, etc. SO a timeline would be really helpful.
    Great site and FB page

  25. Margaret Hutchinson

    Thank you for this giveaway! I just discovered that History Odyssey lines up with Story of th World. Looking forward to starting a timeline with my daughter and these ar perfect 🙂

    • Tina

      Yup! That’s because History Odyssey uses Story of the World. Although they completely reorder the chapters. 🙂

  26. Peggy

    I love the Timeline. It’s streamlined and perfect for my oldest who is doing Early and Modern History Odyssey this year.

  27. Jennifer Fraunfelder

    We would use the timeline to supplement our history curriculum we are currently using, Story of the World, Volume 1. And we plan to incorporate History Odyssey as soon as our income taxes are completed this year to use as our main curriculum spine as I have heard so much about it and can not wait to dive in head first with my girls.

  28. Amy C

    I plan to homeschool in the upcoming school year with Classical Conversations and would use the history timelines as a wonderful supplement.

  29. Bethany C

    I just downloaded samples of REAL Science Odyssey and the Ancients History Odyssey, so I would love to win the timeline!

  30. Polly

    We have the History Odyssey Ancients Level One and would use it with that program. Really enjoying it.

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