Finishing up the edit of Episode 21

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We recorded it last weekend, but with Halloween and all that entails this week, there just wasn’t time to complete it. I’m working on it now and hoping to have it released before the end of today. And we’ll record #22 tomorrow, if all goes well. (Stay well, Beckie!)

I’m thinking that I may just give myself a full week to complete these edits from here on out, since it’s getting really hard to find the time to complete right away…we are still homeschoolers, after all! 🙂  So bear with us as we figure out a schedule that works best for us.

We do still continue to attempt to record every Sunday, since that day seems to work best for Beckie and I both to do the actual recording. But the editing of the audio file is entirely on my highly distractible shoulders (Beckie does the show notes, thankfully! And does a kick-ass job on them too, I might add!) and if you have listened to the show much at all you know that staying on a schedule for anything is darned near impossible for me. I just am not that efficient, unfortunately! 🙂 So I think a week turnaround for the completion of the edit is more realistic for me…assuming Beckie’s health and our family lives have enabled us to record on schedule.

All this to say that we’re not flaking! We are still working on things! And continue to work on future show topics as well! Please let us know if you have any ideas for show topics that we might like to cover! We are always looking for great ideas!

Now I’m going back to working on the show! More news when we have it!

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