Getting Organized (Ep 10, 7/22/12)

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Getting Organized, Savvy Homeschool Moms PodcastIn this episode, the moms discuss birthday parties, other podcasts, ways to save on homeschool resources, getting organized, and how they talk to their children about national tragedies.

Links in this episode:


Discount School Supply

Live Security Platinum virus (Tina said “platform” on the show, it should have been “platinum”…this is the link she used to get it off her computer.)

Nerd101 (no longer exists)

Tales from the Jungle Crews

Manic Mommies

You Had to be There

School of Podcasting

Podcast Answer Man

You Made it Weird

The Wired Homeschool

Busy Mom’s Survival Guide 

The Eventual Millionaire

The LinkedIn Lady Show

This Little Parent Stayed Home  NOTE: This show still exists, but it has evolved into something totally different than what I talked about on the show. I don’t care for it anymore, but check it out and see what you think.

The Sociable Homeschooler

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

Vegsource ~ Used Homeschool Curriculum-no longer exists

Required Paperwork Binder 

School Organization Binder

FlyLady Control Journal

Beckie’s Favorite Post-it Note Dispenser

Homeschool Freebie of the Day

Currclick – No longer exists

This episode is sponsored by Moving Beyond the Page – homeschool curriculum for hands-on, creative, and gifted learners. Learn more at www.movingbeyondthepage.comBe sure to listen to episode 19 for the newest coupon code!

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  1. Sarah

    I’ll have to check out some of these podcasts. If there are any listeners out there that scrapbook I have a couple of podcasts that I love to listen to in that field. The first one is The Paperclipping Roundtable and the second is The Digi Show (this one started out under the Paperclipping name but is now out on it’s own. The original name was The Paperclipping Digi Show and i think you can still get the original episodes on itunes). The Paperclipping Roundtable is mostly about traditional paper scrapbooking while The Digi Show focuses more on digital and hybrid scrapbooking. I love the guests they have on both shows each week so it’s always a treat to listen. I believe that they both have hosts that homeschool so you’ll hear a little bit of talk about that from time to time as well.

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