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You may have noticed a new button on every post/page on They are for Flattr, a new way to support our podcast!

Check out this video for a better idea of what Flattr is all about:

We are doing this because we are hoping that some of you will want to help support us in a small, easy way.  You choose how much “cake” (reference from the video) you’d like to give out monthly and click on the Flattr links on sites (hopefully ours!) to dole it out.

It’s still pretty new for Americans, but I’m told its huge in Europe! It seems like such an easy way to help give back to web content that you appreciate. 🙂

And while I’ve got your attention…check out the Paypal donation button in the sidebar of this site. It says “Mochas 4 Moms” above it. That’s for those of you that prefer to donate via Paypal. 🙂   We LOVE mochas! 🙂

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