Homeschooling Thanksgiving in a Culturally Sensitive Way, Episode 22 (11/17/12)

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*The audio player is at the bottom of the page, and if you’d like to skip right to the Thanksgiving content, it begins at 1hr, 48sec (1:00:48).*

Homeschooling Thanksgiving in a Culturally Sensitive Way, Savvy Homeschool Moms Podcast

In this episode the moms chat about Halloween fun, the History Odyssey curriculum, and maintaining cultural sensitivity during Thanksgiving.

Links in this episode:

Stick Works Art Installation

Math Wrap-Ups

World Book Night


Little Free Libraries

All Hallow’s Read

Paperback Swap

Books in this episode:

The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer

Dragon Slippers


Dealing with Dragons

Muse Magazine

Lego Club Jr

Emily the Strange


A Bridge Across Forever



“Links of the Week”:

  1. Google Art Project
  2. Kitchen Pantry Scientist


Curriculum Reviewed in this episode:

Pandia Press History Odyssey

Ancients Level I (what Beckie is using)

Early Modern Level I (what Tina is using)

Timelines (we both use these!)

Homeschooling Thanksgiving in a Culturally Sensitive Way, Thanksgiving and Native American Links:


*PLEASE NOTE: Beckie and I pronounced “Wampanoag” incorrectly throughout this episode. I just discovered this through watching Plimoth Plantation videos, where they pronounce it [wam-puh-nog]. I apologize for that! We should have researched that better ahead of time!*


American Indian and Alaskan Native Heritage Month 

Kids Thanksgiving Books

Squanto’s Journey: The Story of the First Thanksgiving…Please note that we are no longer linking to this book, as I (Tina) have just discovered it on the list of NOT recommended books by  I should have thought to check the list before talking about the book. Not sure why it didn’t occur to me at the time. Please refer to the list on above to find appropriate books. Sadly, the list is very short.

Weetamoo: Heart of the Pocassets

The Journal of Jasper Pierce: A Pilgrim Boy

A Journey to the New World: The Diary of Remember Patience Whipple

Thanksgiving: A day of celebration or a day of mourning for Native Americans?

Beware of False History Books

Understanding Prejudice


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  1. Lisa Brown

    Thanks for the Thanksgiving book recommendations… especially childrens books. I sort of glossed over any Thanksgiving “education” – because I wasn’t sure what to say or teach. I’m planning on getting 1621 asap to have a little late Thanksgiving lesson. :)

    PS – Keep up the great work… I LOVE the podcast! :)

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