How to Legally Homeschool in California (Ep 2, 5/19/12)

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Legally Homeschool in California

In this week’s episode, the mom’s talk about how their week went, homeschooling with migraines, charter school disappointments, and Minecraft madness. Then they give a quick overview of how to legally homeschool in California, and ask listener’s opinions on homeschool planners. Lastly, both mom’s waxed poetic about their love of the Scholastic Warehouse sales.

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  1. JenRay

    I’m late to your party, since I have just started listening to your podcasts in the last couple of weeks, (in 20 minute increments on my new elliptical trainer!) so this may be irrelevant at this point. I have been using a 30-day free trial of OLLY ( It has been developed specifically for Mac, so that may rule it out for you anyway. It seems like I can use it just how I want to use it. Not too rigid, and easy to bump lessons! I plan to purchase it if i don;t get it for Christmas. They are supposedly working on an iPad version as well. And the developer is a homeschooled kid who is now studying computer science in college!
    Before that, I just made a Word doc that listed each subject, with every lesson for the year. I divided those lessons into 4 groups and color-coded each group. I looked at a calendar and divided our school year by 4. I check off each lesson as we complete it. It is basically just a way for me to make sure we are roughly on track to get through what I hope to. We school year round, and I am just coming to the end of my first “group.” The idea is that everything that is orange on my list should be checked off by the end of November. We have taken a vacation and had holidays, etc, but since lessons aren’t tied to specific dates, that doesn’t matter – i just want to cover enough in a given period. I was too ambitious with math – i knew that to begin with, but that also made it the least likely lesson for me to skip. And I tend to skip art if our days are full, so I am behind on that. I can decided how to tackle these two “shortcomings” going forward. It has worked in my case, since at this point I am not accountable to anyone but myself.

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