Interview with Julie Bogart of Brave Writer (Ep #59, 11/14/15)

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Interview with Julie Bogart of Brave Writer

In this episode, the moms talk about what they’ve been up to since last they recorded, and share the first half of their interview with Julie Bogart, founder and owner of the language arts and writing curriculum, Brave Writer.

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Maeven the human dragon
Maeven the human dragon

Links in this Episode:

Savvy Homeschool Moms episode about Homeschooling with the Amazing Race

*NOTE FROM TINA: Savvy Homeschool Moms episode about Noodle Homeschool mentioned in this episode–doesn’t exist. WOOPS! Apparently I’ve never even explained Noodle Homeschool fully on the show so I’m going to have to do that in the next episode! SO SORRY! Check out the link for info for now.

Tina’s blog post about Periscope
Homeschool Periscope Facebook Group
longer exists
GeekMom Hour of Code
Carnegie Learning

Brave Writer Links:
Poetry Teatime
Blog Posts about Poetry Teatime
Poetry Teatime Pinterest Board
About Peter Elbow
Writing Without Teachers
Writing Power
Sample of The Wand
Sample of Jot It Down
Getting Started with Brave Writer
Julie’s (for archived Periscopes)-no longer exists
Julie’s Coaching Page
Brave Writer podcasts
Brave Writer Lifestyle Email List
Free Writing Lesson

This episode is sponsored by:

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  1. Maria Egnatz Alexander

    What is the discount code for the bravewriter products? I can’t find it now. And thank you for introducing her to me. I have been binging on everything I can find of hers and am in love. She is changing my life. Thanks again!

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