Interview with PJ Jonas of Goat Milk Stuff (Ep 35, 9/10/13)

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Interview with PJ Jonas, Goat Milk Stuff, Savvy Homeschool Moms Podcast #35

In this episode the moms chat about getting started with the new school year, their curriculum choices for the 2013-2014 school year, and share their interview with PJ Jonas, homeschooling mom of 8 from

Links in this Episode:

Jack-Jack, age 7, 2nd Grade-ish

Moving Beyond the Page ~ ages 5-7

Math Mammoth 2 A/B

Real Science Odyssey  Life Science Level 1

Danielle, age 11, 6th Grade-ish

Moving Beyond the Page ~ ages 9-11

Winning With Writing

Math Mammoth  5 A/B

Elemental Science Earth Science & Astronomy for the Logic Stage

Both Children Together

History Odyssey Middle Ages Level 1

The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, retold by Barbara Cohen

Discovering Great Artists

Homeschool Helper

workbox system

list of all the great homeschool FB groups Tina discovered

Home Routines

Tyren, age 8, 3rd grade–

Math Mammoth 3A/B


Sequential Spelling (book 1)

Maeven, age 12.5, 7th grade–

Math Mammoth 6A/B

Write w/the Best Vol 1

Sequential Spelling (book 2)

History Odyssey (Early Modern, level 1)

Story of the World (book 3, Early Modern)

Mapping the World by Heart

Amazing Race Country reports (season 23 starts Sept 29!)

Journey North’s Mystery Class

Elemental ScienceLiving Books series

Discovering Great Artists

Goat Milk Stuff  and Goat Milk Stuff Blog

Goat Milk Stuff Blog ~ Homeschooling Podcast Part 1

Goat Milk Stuff Blog ~ Homeschooling Podcast Part 2

Goat Milk Stuff Blog ~ Homeschooling Podcast Part 3

Goat Milk Stuff Blog ~ Homeschooling Podcast Part 4

Goat Milk Stuff on The Doctors

Goat Milk Stuff  Podcasts


This episode is sponsored by Moving Beyond the Page – homeschool curriculum for hands-on, creative, and gifted learners. Learn more at

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  1. Mary Bright

    You mentioned a website with math games in this episode. Do you have a link? I’m looking for math games for my 2nd grader that is so anxious to start learning to multiply.

    • Tina

      I’m trying to remember which one…they should all be in the show notes, but occasionally we miss one…do you remember anything about it? Or at what time we talked about it? I’m sure I can figure out what it is, with more info. :)

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