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We’ve been pretty quiet over here at the Savvy Homeschool Moms this summer…Many of you know that I (Tina) am trying to completely declutter and reorganize my house, so that’s taking a lot of my time. And Beckie and I just are finding the summer to be busier than ever…But we finally got things together for the “Day-in-the-Life” interviews!

This week we started interviewing listeners that volunteered to come on our show and talk about what their homeschool days “typically” (if such a thing even exists) look like. So far things are going well and we’ll be putting them together to make our next episode this weekend, if all goes as planned!

And not only are we doing the listener interviews, but we have an interview happening this Saturday with PJ Jonas of the “Busy Moms Survival Guide” podcast, and co-owner of the business “Goat Milk Stuff“, and homeschooler (along with her husband) of 8 children! We will be talking with PJ about how their family keeps learning fun! So stay tuned for that!

So there are big things happening here! I’m hoping that by getting all these interviews scheduled and recorded that we can finally get back on a regular schedule of producing episodes again! That’s the plan!

Thanks for being so patient as we work through things this summer, and we are aiming to get back on track with publishing episodes of Savvy Homeschool Moms asap! Life just keeps getting in the way, darn it! 🙂 I know y’all can relate!

More news as soon as we have it! 🙂


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