Interviews! We need your questions!

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We just completed our very first interview today! Very exciting! And it went very well! The subject was homeschooling a child with autism and we’ll be releasing that by next weekend, in episode #30! And now we are gearing up for our next interview…

Next weekend we will be interviewing the fabulous Deborah Markus, of Secular Homeschooling Magazine (a magazine and website that no longer exists, so we’ve linked to the archived page), AKA “The Bitter Homeschooler.” Yes, she’s the one that wrote the uproariously funny piece “The Bitter Homeschooler’s Wish List.” If you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out! It’s sure to cause a giggle or guffaw or two…or three…or twelve.

So we want to hear from you, our lovely loyal listeners! What would you like us to ask Deborah? Please leave your comment here on our website (vs on Facebook) because it’s SOOOOO much easier to find those comments again later if you post them here! :)

Hope to hear from a lot of you! Deborah is a hoot and we know you’ll enjoy our interview with her (as will we)!

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