Making Books (Ep 9, 7/15/12)

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Making Books, Savvy Homeschool Moms PodcastIn this episode the moms chat about their new partnership with Mothering Magazine, answers listener questions about SpiralScouts and podcasting, Tina talks more about Math Mammoth, and making homeschooling fun with zines, lapbooks and bookmaking.

Links in this episode:

Savvy Homeschool Moms on All Things Mothering (Link is to the archived page, as Mothering has since revamped their website and things no longer look like this. You can now find us here.)


School of Podcasting (Dave Jackson)

Audacity (free recording software)

Powergramo (Skype recorder)

Audacity to Podcast (Daniel Lewis)

The Podcast Answer Man

Math Mammoth

Article: Education in Finland

Why Am I Aligning Math Mammoth to Common Core Standards


Hands of a Child (site no longer exists)

Squidoo Lens on Lapbooking

Lapbooking on a Shoestring

Homeschool Share

Tot Books

Book Making with Kids

Making Books

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6 Responses

  1. Lindy

    On the last podcast you talked about only doing a couple of pages to work on since it was summer time but since I don’t home school during the school year I have been doing like four pages for each child. Do you feel that this may be to overwhelming for them?

    My other question is “What other supplies should a person invest in to help Home Schooling easier besides just the basics”?

    Are there ways to save? either buying in bulk or when sales are going on?

    • Beckie

      Hi Lindy, thanks for your comment! For your first question, I really think that is up to you and your child. If you and your child are not feeling overwhelmed, then there is no worries. While yes, it is Summer Vacation, that doesn’t mean that your child has to stop learning all together, and by having them continue to do some work, you are keeping them from sliding back which sometimes happens over the summer. Amounts and type of work will vary from family to family, heck, around here it varies from day to day 🙂

      For your second question, I am doing to talk to my co-host and see if that is one we can answer on air! – Beckie

      • Lindy

        Thanks Beckie for answering my question so quickly, I hope that you can answer that question over the podcast because I know that there are sales going on and that you can get stuff very cheap. Since I found out about them the other day I know that it would help a lot of other parents that are just starting out home schooling. I know that I am going to get some stuff also to help my children for future homeschooling. It is always nice to save money especially today when prices change in our stores like they do.

  2. Zoie

    Just found you guys and have started listening to the podcasts. Looking forward to learning more since I plan to homeschool my son next year.

    • Tinamama

      Glad you found us! I assume you are the same Zoie that gave us a good review on iTunes? We mention that in episode 10, which is going live today, so stay tuned! 🙂

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