Pandia Press Presents: Why Neutral Science isn’t Neutral, with Blair Lee (Ep #63, 6/4/16)

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Why Neutral Science Isn't Neutral, Savvy Homeschool Moms Podcast

In this episode, the moms share the final part of their 2 part Secular Science Resource series, with an interview with Pandia Press author and scientist Blair Lee: Why Neutral Science isn’t Neutral.

Links in this Episode:

Beckie’s new pencil sharpener

Why the earth is heating so fast

Blair Lee’s Blog

Blair Lee’s Facebook page

SEA Homeschoolers Facebook page

SEA Homeschoolers Blog

Home|School|Life Magazine

REAL Science Odyssey

Info from this Episode:

Secular science curricula and programs present the accepted facts, principles, models, and theories explaining how the natural and physical world works as recommended by a majority of practicing experts in that area of science. Science curricula and programs should not exclude or misrepresent scientific facts, principles, models, or theories that are considered core ideas in the field.

Specifically, science curricula and programs will not be reviewed if they do the following:

  • Minimize, misrepresent, or omit accepted scientific facts, principles, models, or theories
  • Incorporate religious philosophy into the curriculum or program
  • Politicize science issues in a way that misrepresents the issues

What to look for in science courses

  • The inclusion of evolution
  • Is the word design used in place of the word evolution
  • Is the word created or creation used when discussing how organisms, the universe, or matter came into existence? Organisms evolved; they were not created.

Know your definitions –

  • Science theory – A scientific theory is a widely accepted explanation of something observed in science. Theories are based on experimentation, observation, and reasoning—the scientific method.
  • Scientific model – A scientific model is a simplified representation of a real system. Scientific models make it possible to study large, complex scientific principles and systems. Scientific models use the scientific method.

Books in this Episode:


Together ~
Rick Riordan books:


Maeven (age 15) ~

Historical picture books/quick reads:

Tyren (age 10) ~

Me ~


Me ~

Dani – (age 13) The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Links of the Week:

Beckie: We Are Teachers
Tina: Burning Cargo–sadly, this game died when Flash went away.

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3 Responses

  1. Kristal-Ann Friesen

    Amazing podcast as usual.

    I hope that people who are using or thinking of using “neutral” science will listen to this. It’s a great explanation of why and how to look at science curriculum but also things to look for that show if a resource has a neutral slant. I dislike being lied to and that’s what neutral science seems like to me personally. Omitting feels like lessening your respect for your child or student. Do people think kids won’t learn what was omitted in college or life or even on Netflix?
    Thanks for having an amazing guest and it was wonderful to hear from you both again!

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