Pandia Press Presents Secular Science Resources (Ep #62, 4/6/16)

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(Show recording is at the bottom of the page)

Pandia Press presents Secular Science Resources, Savvy Homeschool Moms podcast #62

In this episode, the moms are joined by Blair Lee, homeschool mom, and author of REAL Science Odyssey Biology 2 and Chemistry 1, from Pandia Press, as they talk about secular science resources.

Links in this Episode:

Prodigy (math game)
Homeschool Group Buys (Meg Groom’s group)–no longer exists
Rogue Festival
Thinking Putty
Slow Cooker Facebook group
Noodle HomeschoolNow Tina’s Learning Adventures
Tina’s New and Improved Country Report
SEA Homeschoolers

Tina’s son Tyren as Tweedle Dee

Tina’s SCICON Reunion line dancing:

(Tina: My son was SO into this! LOL! That’s him in the foreground, with me.)
(That’s Tyren, Tina’s son, helping lead in the front there.)

Blog post by Tina about her SCICON trip

Secular Science Resources:

IFL Science
Kids Who Think
Bill Nye’s official website
Project Wild
Project Wet
Project Learning Tree
Physics Central PhysicsQuest
Steve Spangler Science
Science Bob
Smithsonian Kids
Science Sparks

Why Neutral Science isn’t Neutral by Blair Lee10 Awesome Science Courses You Can Take Online for FREE!
STEAM YouTube Channels for Elementary Kids

Curriculum/printables/lesson plans:
R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey by Pandia Press
Moving Beyond the Page
Amazing Frog Dissection Printable
The Happy Scientist (not complete curriculum) Free Content
Bite Size Physics
Oak Meadow
The Young Scientists Club
Using Magic School bus for Science Curriculum
CK12 no labs, but it’s free
Be Naturally Curious

Science Is… by Susan V. Bosak
Sharing Nature with Children by Joseph Cornell
Sharing Nature with Children II by Joseph Cornell
A Guide to Field Identification: Birds of North America by GoldeniBird Ultimate app
Glow in the Dark Night Sky Book by Clint Hatchett
Earth Heroes: Champions of Wild Animals by Carol L and Bruce Malnor
Earth Heroes: Champions of the Wilderness by Carol L and Bruce Malnor
The Usborne Flip-Flap Body Book
The Stargazer’s Guide to the Galaxy by Q.L. Pearce
The Everything Kids’ Science Experiments Book by Tom Robinson
Usborne Science Encyclopedia
Usborne Illustrated Elementary Science Dictionary
The Story of Science by Anna Claybourne & Adam Larkum (Usborne)
Max Axiom
Basher books
Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding
Make Electronics
Home | School | Life Magazine
The Way Things Work

StarTalk Radio, with Neil Degrasse Tyson (preview all episodes…adult content sometimes!)
Brains On!
Fun Kids Digital Radio on iTunes: Age of the Dinosaur (10 eps), Geology Rocks (24 eps), Sky Watch (astronomy, 12 eps), Kitchen Chemistry for Kids (20 eps), Techno Mum (engineering, 58 eps), A to Z of Wildlife (25 eps)…and more!
The Science Hour
Physics Central
Introductions Necessary (Celebrating women in STEM)
Naked Scientists on iTunes (many different podcasts)…Naked Archaeology, Astronomy, Neuroscience, Genetics, Oceans and more…
Astronomy Cast

PBS Shows: All ages: Nature, NOVA, NOVA Science NOW, Cosmos (Netflix link…and here’s the link to the free lesson plans to go along with the show!), Wild Kratts, SciGirls, Dragonfly TV…Young kids: Cat in the Hat, Curious George, Dinosaur Train, Sid the Science Kid
Article about PBS Kids getting their own TV Station
Nova Science Now about replacing body organs
SciShow episode where they make ice cream while riding a bicycle
Hard Science–not always kid friendly…screen first!
SciShow and SciShow Kids
Crash Course Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Astronomy
Secular Homeschooling with Netflix and Other Media (Facebook group)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute all are free of charge
Popular Mechanics for Kids
It’s OK to be Smart (PBS Digital Studios)
Sick Science (Steve Spangler)
Socratica Studios (linked to just their science video section)
Smarter Every Day
TedEd Playlist: Before and After Einstein
AsapSCIENCE–caution…some adult content! Screen first!
Doctor Mad Science–kid made!
Minute Physics
Science Bob

Pinterest Boards:
Beckie’s Homeschool Science Board
Tina’s Homeschool Science Board
RSO Biology/Life Science
RSO Biology 2
RSO Chemistry
RSO Physics
RSO Earth & Space

Brave Writer Lifestyle Facebook Group (Tina mentions in the episode)…and a recent name change to another group she has gives you another group option: BraveSchoolers Facebook Group

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Pandia Press – Publisher of REAL Science Odyssey and History Odyssey. Check out their fantastic Try Before you Buy! Learn more at

34 Responses

  1. Alicia Lundquist

    This is such a great post! Science is one of my big reasons for homeschooling!

  2. Courtney G

    We are working on RSO Physics now, but I have a younger child interested in Earth & Space! Love Pandia Press curriculum!

  3. Amanda C

    I am not sure it is so much what I look forward to learning about, but I am most excited about having a science program that I don’t spend more time “editing” (from a secular perspective) the material than I do teaching it. We have used RSO Life 1 this year and absolutely love it.

  4. Stephanie

    We are using the RSO Chemistry this year and my boys love it! I am looking forward to moving on to Physics because it wasn’t until college that I realized how cool it was. I am excited to learn more along with my kids!

  5. Michelle

    I am looking forward to exploring life science/Biology with my two children this summer!

  6. Diana M

    I am just discovering RSO and it looks wonderful. I will defiantly be using it next year with my 8yo.

  7. Kim D

    I enjoy that my children and I can learn things together even though my children range in age from 4-14.

  8. Leslie

    We did chemistry this year and I can’t wait to do Life Science next year with my youngest and Bio 2 with my oldest. They love the hands on activities.

  9. Alexandra P.

    I am using RSO Life now with my first grader and we are enjoying it immensely! We are both looking forward to next year when we hope to start Earth & Space!

  10. Mama B

    Coming from a family of science teachers and science fans, we were excited to find RSO. It is one of the most thorough programs we’ve seen.

  11. Alishia

    We are huge fans of RSO! Learning REAL science is crucial in the time where even climate change is being denied.

  12. Alexis

    We are looking forward to learning about rocks and minerals and starting our own collection.

  13. Laurie

    Very excited by all the science. We have the early years and look forward to others.

  14. Ellen

    I loved REAL Science Chemistry!! The layout is so easy to read and follow. The supplies needed for everything were easy to get…if I didn’t already have them! And the lessons kept my kids interested. I would love to have another REAL Science book or two or three! 😀

  15. Casey

    Such perfect timing! We are starting an anatomy and a geology block here. We are using the Biology 2 from Pandia and love it. It would be great to add another book to our library.

  16. Casey

    One resource to add – The Great Courses. We bought the streaming subscription and it has fantastic science courses! There is even a Facebook group for homeschooling with the Great Courses.

  17. Jenna

    Thanks for all the great resources. I always find your podcasts helpful.

  18. Heather Bessman

    I’m looking forward to all of it! We are doing our first year right now and plan to do all that are offered.

  19. Elly Phillips

    Thanks for this episode – I felt like I was drowning in ideas (which I love!). I am going to listen at least once more to get more out of it!

    I posted on your FB page that I really need ideas for how to incorporate things like videos into our homeschool day. I feel like we run out of time and it doesn’t ‘fit’ somehow – like I have to find stuff, have it ready and available. I know that Tina was doing experience based homeschooling, where it fits well, but I’m thinking more of the practicality of how does it get on the schedule more regularly?

    I also had an idea for future episodes, but I’m not sure how feasible it is, so if you feel horrified by the idea of trying to organize it I won’t be offended! When you were discussing Brave Writer there was so much I wanted to say, having used some parts of the program. I wondered if it might be possible to have round table discussions with a few people on particular topics, e.g. on language arts have someone who’s done BW, someone else who does, say, a more classical approach, to add to you two, as I know you both have very different homeschool styles, then perhaps address a question like that? There are tons of topics you could do it for, and there are so many questions that come up all the time in groups that you could address from different perspectives.

    • Beckie Tetrault

      Elly, I think your question about videos is a great idea for us to talk about on the show, if you can wait until after the next show on Science resources 😉

  20. Alison

    You gals are awesome! I have since discovered all the Brave Writer resources you mentioned, and I could totally binge on Julie’s periscope videos, which are now on YouTube BTW because isn’t working any more. So glad you got a vehicle, Becky, and Wednesday sounds like a perfect name for a PT Cruiser. P.S. as we get into more homeschooling, I will be blogging about it on our website if anyone is interested. Oh, and The Writer’s Jungle was only 43 on The Homeschool Buyer’s Co-Op. I would love for RSO to aid us in learning about chemistry because I am afraid of it. Take Care!

  21. Carol

    I’ve followed your podcast from the very beginning & always enjoy listening to each episode. Thanks for all the great book & curriculum reviews!

  22. jean

    This was the first episode I have listened to (saw a post about it the SEA Homeschoolers facebook group) and it is exactly what I had been trying to find and had been unlucky in on my own. Looks like I found a new podcast to binge listen to!

  23. Andrea Dillon

    Loved this episode! Science is my son’s favorite subject. He is gaining interest in earth and space so that would be the book of choice if we won. Thanks for everything ladies.

  24. Carrie

    I need to get to the site & try some of the samples.
    We need to get a solid science curriculum going for 5th!

  25. Carla

    Thanks for putting so much time into your podcasts! I have listened to a few here and there when I could sneak it in, but I do have the greatest hope to start at the beginning and “catch up”. We are looking forward to using Life and then moving on to Earth and Space during the next school year. Kiddo keeps asking to “do” science, but finding a secular curriculum has been a struggle for us. We have been doing a bit of this and a bit of that, all over the place, with no definite plan of attack. Pandia Press looks like it could be a winner!

  26. Lani

    I really need to visit this site more often. I’m rarely at a real computer, and I live your podcast! I really love all the links on the site though! Must remember to get on a computer!!!
    Thanks for continuing to put out great content. Really love the resource that you provide!

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