Planning for the New School Year (Ep 11, 7/29/12)

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Planning for the New School Year, Savvy Homeschool Moms PodcastIn this episode, the moms chat about the Olympics, Doctor Who, and planning for the new school year.

Tina’s Flags of the Olympics Printable

Enchanted Learning (also mentioned for flag printables)

Weekly Homeschool Planner

Discovering Great Artists

Great American Artists for Kids

ToonTown (no longer exists)

More Podcast Money


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Mead Flex Hybrid Notebinder

Explode the Code

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons’s Charlotte Mason booklist for history (mentioned by Tina, containing prehistory/ancient history books)

Tina’s 2012/13 School Year “Spreadsheet of Awesomeness

Weetamoo: Heart of the Pocassets (The Royal Diaries series…Tina mentions this in the show, about the Native American princess who lived at the time of the pilgrims in Plymouth)

The Journal of Jasper Jonathan Pierce (Dear America/My Name is America series…pilgrim boy on the Mayflower)

A Journey to the New World: The Diary of Remember Patience Whipple, Mayflower, 1620 (Dear America series…pilgrim girl on the Mayflower)

Thinking Girls Treasury books

You Wouldn’t Want to Be series

If You Lived at the Time of series

Timeline Index

Literature to Supplement History

The Hawk That Dare Not Hunt by Day

Beethoven’s Wig cd series

Classical Kids cd collection (Beethoven Lives Upstairs, etc)

National Women’s Hall of Fame

50 American Heroes Every Kid Should Meet

Builders of the Old World

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2 Responses

  1. Amy W

    I wanted to give you a couple of resources that came to mind when I was listening to Episode 11. Jim Weiss has a CD called Women in Blue or Gray: True Stories from Both Sides of the American Civil War. I know you said you weren’t likely to get to the Civil War this year, but you should check it out for next year. Also don’t forget his other CDs. My daughter loves the Masters of the Renaissance CD.

    I bought a disk at a small, local homeschool convention that is a giant document with tons of literature organized by time period. A homeschool mom put it together over 8 years with her 4 kids. I liked the idea that it was a homeschool mom doing her own business and that this would last me all the way through high school! It has religious resources on the list, but a lot that are not as well. The Ancients alone is 13 pages long and the other time periods are longer. I know it is something I could put together myself, but I like it when work is already done for me. lol

    Thanks for all the information and resources! I love all the new ideas!

  2. Tinamama

    Thanks Amy! We’ll have to check out those resources! We love when you guys share resources with us too! We are always looking for more neat stuff to share with our kiddos! I will definitely be checking out that cd!

    I didn’t know that Jim Weiss did the Civil War, thank you for that!

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