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questionHello fellow Savvy Homeschoolers! Tina here! I have had ideas for creating some digital products for homeschoolers for YEARS…just a matter of narrowing down what I should do and finding the TIME! (That’s the hardest part, the time!) ┬áIt has occurred to me that I should ask YOU GUYS, our listeners, for what sorts of products are you personally looking for…and see if there’s a trend!

I know as secular homeschoolers, many of us are forever frustrated with the lack of secular homeschool resources…what SPECIFICALLY are you looking for in secular resources, though? What are your needs and wants?

Would you please just take a moment to comment on this post and let me know? I would SO appreciate it! The possibilities are seriously ENDLESS! So I need some help narrowing things down!

Think digital products…things that are sold as ebooks or pdf files. The vast majority of the curriculum and resources out there nowadays for homeschoolers comes in this format (often in addition to hard copy, but digital is very common) so I know it works for most homeschoolers, since I see it everywhere. So what do YOU need, want, look for in digital products?

And after you’ve posted your personal ideas, go ahead and respond to what other people have posted and let me know if you agree with them as well! I know what *I* want…but I need to know what YOU want! :)

Thank you so much for you time and I look forward to reading your responses!

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  1. Angela Lim

    I would pay for a huge list of historical fiction books all sorted out by Historical content and reading level to supplement our History studies. If it included a synopsis of each selection it would be great. My two cents.

    • Tina

      What a fabulous idea Angela! I’ve often wished something like this existed as well! Hmmmm….you got me thinking!!

  2. Brandielle

    I want something like Olly for PCs. I want the planning/calendar tools AND record and attendance keeping AND portfolio/file saving AND booklists AND supplies all in one place. Why doesn’t this exist yet?

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