Structured vs Delayed Preschool (Ep 5, 6/16/12)

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Structured vs Delayed Preschool, Savvy Homeschool MomsThis week the moms discuss memorizing math facts, structured vs delayed preschool, encouraging special needs children to read, and Tina reviews Math Mammoth.

Links in this episode

TinaMama’s Pinterest


Chisenbop Tutorial

Finger Multiplication

Finger Math

Right Start Math Games

Timez Attack

XtraMath (This is the digital flash cards game Tina talked about but couldn’t remember the name of on the show.)

Soroban Abacus

Enki Education

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (book)


Math Mammoth

Currclick (site mentioned where you can purchase Math Mammoth ebooks, as well as lots of other digital curriculum, and educational webinars.)

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