Summer Homeschooling (Ep 6, 6/24/12)

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Summer Homeschooling, Savvy Homeschool MomsIn this episode the moms answer the question of “How involved is dad?”, talk about summer homeschooling, the dreaded “S word” (socialization), and creative ways to use Pinterest and Goodreads in homeschooling.

Links in this Episode:



Secular Charlotte Mason Yahoogroup

Minecraft Teacher

Article: “No Thank you, We Don’t Believe in Socialization

Tina’s Pinterest

Beckie’s Pinterest

Tina’s Goodreads

Beckie’s Goodreads

Wikipedia page of Margery Sharp, author of the Miss Bianca book series (which the Disney movie “The Rescuers” is very loosely based on.)

For Fresno Area Locals:
Wild Wonderful King Museum

E & M’s Reptile Family

The Discovery Center

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