Using Incentives in Homeschooling, (2/12/13, Ep 26)

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Using Incentives in Homeschooling, Savvy Homeschool Moms Podcast

In this week’s episode, the moms talk about using their new “Seize the Year” wall calendars to get organized and using incentives and rewards to help homeschooling run more smoothly.

Links in this Episode:

2013 “Seize the Year” Wall Calendar

Chalkboard paint 563161_326385124140153_1555322962_n

HomeRoutines, Toodledo, and Scatterbrain apps to get on track. (Sadly, Scatterbrain is no longer available. *sad*)

Journey North Mystery Class

“Books of the Week”:

A Year Without Autumn by Liz Kessler

The Orange Trees of Versailles by Anni Pietri

The Finches’ Fabulous Furnace by Roger W. Drury

Guardians of Ga’Hoole series

Oliver Moon and the Potion Commotion by Sue Mongredien

 Magyk by Angie Sage

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy  by Douglas Adams

“Links of the Week”:

Disney Family

HighScore House–Unfortunately this site has become no longer available. But we did see this program as a possible alternative: Me In a Tree

Using Incentives in the classroom

Should Learning be it’s Own Reward?

Using Incentives in Homeschooling

TimesUpKidz – Sadly, this site no longer exists.

iRewardChart app

Helpful Homeschool Hints: Small Rewards for Children

Homeschool Reward System and Incentive Chart – Off to a Good Start

Ask PSL: “I homeschool and my house is a battle zone”

Homeschooling Part II: How Using Consequences and Rewards can Help

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