We have our first sponsor!

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**This company appears to have now gone shut down. The site no longer exists. I see you can still download the product out there on the web, but I don’t recommend this since there will be no longer any support. Also, we ended up having some problems with it and switched to a different product eventually.**

Exciting news!! I will post all about this company very soon (waiting to see if they have graphics)…but just had to share…just now I learned that The Savvy Homeschool Moms has their first sponsor!! After several failed attempts with software that didn’t work for us, I was recommended a program by Dave at The School of Podcasting, called Powergramo, that actually works for us!

Not only that, but since we don’t yet have the cash to purchase the program and so our podcast has been on hold until we can find the money…I took a chance and emailed and asked them if they’d like to sponsor us and give us a coupon code to get the program free in exchange for us advertising them on our podcast site, social media, and across my other websites.


So onward and upward we go!! Looks like THIS weekend we will finally be able to record our first episode!


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