What are your children curious about today? -Beckie #homeschool #HappyFriday

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What are your children curious about today? -Beckie #homeschool #HappyFriday

  1. Wendy McGee

    My ten year old son is facinated by the International Space Station. Unfortunately that has lead to a dread of alien i nvasion that I hope will soon pass. My 6 year old daughter wants to write and perforn songs. Her enrichme t group is allowing her to get on stage despite the fact that she has nad no traini g at all on either the piano or the guitar shr chose toplay. These are very good patient and supportive people. No stage fright, my little one. A s she is not half bad! Thanks guys for all that you do. Evenmore for inspiring me to go the extra bit myself. Think ill pitch in on the mocha fund 🙂

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